Drum Corps Fantasy Draft


By now, most corps likely have their staffs solidified for the 2019 season and hard at work building a program for the 2019 season.

There is no shortage of talent at the top of each caption in the activity. Many of those leading their respective captions are not only developing young talent but also innovating the pageantry arts to new heights.

Whenever a new pro sports team is entering its league, often they have a supplemental draft where they pull existing talent into the fold from other teams. Let’s say I were to start the General F. Fect Drum Corps as a new World Class Corps for the 2019 season. Since the corps would be a new member, a draft of sorts would take place to fill their staffing needs. What would that staff look like?

I decided to have a little fun in the offseason and draft my own rock star staff. However, as with anything, there are rules. So I am setting a few rules for myself to follow:

  • I cannot draft more than one caption head from the same corps. This does not include technicians and other assistants as each caption head would likely want to bring his or her own people into work on their team.
  • This is a staff that has to have a stylistic synergy. For instance, while they probably could adapt, how well would a Brass caption head of a corps known for using an abundance of classical music work with a percussion caption head who has mostly worked from a jazz medium? Could work, but in all likelihood, a match in medium would probably be the better fit.

So the question is, what do I want from my staff?

First and foremost, I want a staff that has proven it can construct a solid program while pushing innovation in the pageantry arts. I want my staff to have a solid instructional background that can identify and develop talent, brings out the most in their performance and create an environment the members feel welcome in and enjoy the total experience.

And with the first pick in the Drum Corps Fantasy Draft, General F. Fect Drum Corps selects… well you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

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